Ramon Reyes Borges: Innovation Contact Sports Design Company That Engages Intellectually in Evolving Existing Contact Sports

June 4, 2022

CHROME Publishing Company is an innovation contact sports design company that engages intellectually in evolving existing contact sports by extensively and thoroughly analyzing all positive and negative aspects of ‘sports theories’ that certain sports embody in their form of play, to improve them, to make them safer, and to transform their athletic essence and image into ‘cosmic theme’ sports.

The mission an objective of ‘sports evolution’ is to bring the conceptual future to the present, and transform old classic sports into innovative sports concepts as the playing fields have been designed to be in ‘black Astroturf’ colorfully illustrated as the cosmos with stars, galaxies, and nebulas, that unfold the game in an indoor dark setting environment, and uses fluorescent backlights to make everything glow on the playing field, including the players’ futuristic uniforms and helmets with a neon effect that introduces a new line of futuristic space age sports concepts.

In the course of 33 years I have successfully evolved ‘American Football’ into a new sport I have named ‘SOL 777’ that represents ‘Star Formation’. I have also evolved ‘Basketball’ into a new sport I have named ‘HOOPBALL’ that represents the ‘Black Holes in the Universe’. And I have also evolved ‘Soccer’ into a new sport I have named ‘TREKBALL’ that represent a ‘Flat Universe’.

SOL 777 is the first contact sport in world history that incorporates and includes the skill of ‘Archery’ in a ballgame, as the outcome result in the ‘Archery’ event determines the course of the game in offensive strategy and in possession of the ball; 100% of all ball players in SOL 777 are archers as well.

Tell us about yourself?

My deep interest in sports innovation, creation, and design was awaken at the early age of nine when I was in the third grade and created the first rules of SOL 777.

The desire to create a new sport has remained present throughout my entire life, as the rules of the modern cosmic game derive from the early rules I created as a child.

As the sport became a cosmic theme in the 1990’s, I began having dreams in which I would see myself playing the game of SOL 777 on a cosmic playing field and scoring the ball into the Sun goal as I would hear the roaring screams of an audience.

As an adult I have never played the ‘cosmic theme’ sports concept physically, I have only seen it, explored it, and played it in my mind as it felt very real to me in my dreams.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

After seeing what I have experienced, If I could go back in time two years, the advice I would give to myself is to not go to Mexico to contact the office of the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, to present to him the intellectual sports concept of SOL 777 and propose to him the idea of engaging in a binational effort USA-MEXICO to develop the cosmic sports concept, and to teach the concepts to Mexican college athlete students with Mexican national scholarships, because shortly after I presented the sport’s material to the president’s office, the president of Mexico came out of the ‘communist closet’ as he had been faking all along to be honest with a desire to improve the country, and revealed to the nation that his administration was ending the funding of existing programs of scholarships for engineering innovation, and athletics sports development.

I would have been better off not going to Mexico City on business; though it was a great business strategy, it was a bad business decision due to the unpredictable turn of events that took place.

What problem does your business solve?

Chrome Publishing Company’s sports design engineering corrects sports ruling imperfections that leads to boredom of spectators, making the games more exciting and interesting, as the concept also create the memory enhancer with the light spectrum writing concept of SPECTRA GRAMMAR.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

The inspiration behind my cosmic theme sports business is the idea and concept of space exploration and computers and robotics technology interacting with humans that now I have applied to the world of sports. As I seek solutions to sports design problems and imperfections, I always strive to achieve a delicate balance of team fairness and of strategic challenge in the sports’ ballgames to attracts and retain the fans that without such intricate balance, it can drive the attention of some people away from great sports concepts, or turn them off entirely and discourage their appreciation for specific sports concepts, due to having been molded wrong in some aspect (in my humble view and opinion), through cultural tradition as no one dares to question it, or does nothing to better the ballgames by improving them, by changing them, and by transforming them into cutting edge innovation sports concepts that would place them ahead of the times.

What is your magic sauce?

The magic sauce in my business is that there is no other ‘cosmic theme sports concept competition’ in existence being that it is a new industry that features the simultaneous interaction of technology with the human factor in sports that brings ballgames to a higher level of sports entertainment.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

In the the next five years, my vision is to acquire sponsorship, endorsements and funding to develop one of the three ‘cosmic theme’ sports I have created, preferably SOL 777 first, and take it from a sports theory concept on paper, to materializing it as an actual athletics sports game with the cosmic playing field and a robotic Sun goal, and as a sports company historically produce the first two SOL 777 teams to introduce the concept in its first official TV sports production, having previously already planned to tour across the world as a sports company featuring ‘cosmic theme’ sport games exhibitions.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced so far in awakening peoples’ interest to the concept of ‘cosmic theme’ sports is the remnants of the 20th century mentality still embedded and programmed in some people influenced by that era; an age before computer Windows App and fast internet, as probably while loving the existing sports concepts, they may believe that everything in reference to contact ballgame sports ‘games theory’ has already been invented which is inaccurate.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

Business entities interested in sponsoring the development of my innovative cosmic theme sport concepts such as companies of sports gear, and sports drinks, especially from industries of green renewable energies and technology, such as SPACEX, Tesla, NASA, and robotics industries, that are interested in further enhancing their company image and attract a stronger public interest in their products of innovative technology for commercialization. For questions and more information about the sports’ rules manual, interested parties and business entities may contact me at: spectragrammar@gmail.com

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